My published articles

Here are links to some of my articles:

The following was published in Bearings:

Generous Listening on Thanksgiving

The following were published in Grown and Flown:

It’s a Strange Fall Season as I Make Peace with the Empty Nest

I’m Already Missing Dinners with my College Bound Son

The following were published in Your Teen:

Raising an Introvert: The Worries and Joys of Parenting a Quiet Kid

Video Games and Guns: A Mom Copes with a Son’s Love of Video Games

The following three articles were published in the Huffington Post:

Making it Through My Son’s First Year of College

Traveling Successfully with Grandparents

6 Tips On Doing The College Tours, From A Mom Who Has Been There

I wrote about the Bible Museum in Washington D.C. for Go Nomad:

The Museum of The Bible: Devoted to the Book

I wrote about my parents’ relationship with my kids in Chicken Soup for the Soul:

I’ve also published articles about the spiritual life on Godspace.

The Healing Power of Play

Embracing Ordinary Time

The Tragedy of Fire Reminds Me What is Important