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I am a writer and avid reader. Ever since I can remember I have loved writing, so writing a blog comes naturally to me. In addition, I like traveling, especially to Spanish-speaking countries. I enjoy reading and discussing Spanish literature, art and culture. I am one of the founding members of a group called Mayan Partners that supports work in a rural secondary school in Panyebar, Guatemala. Hobbies include reading, walking, cooking and eating out, photography, traveling, enjoying my family and pets, and learning about my faith. I recently became a Spiritual Director and I am honored to walk alongside people as they listen for God’s movement in their lives.

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  1. Your mention of my mother, Esther, in your blog “Propelled” was special for me, thank you. The following blog about your trees could not have been more appropriate. This last week I lost a 100 year old Elm tree in the front of my house which made me very sad. Approximately 16 years ago I planted a dwarf Japanese Maple just in case I lost my beautiful Elm. The Japanese Maple is planted in an incorrect spot with too much afternoon sun but it does well and is approximately 11′ high with wonderful deep rose spring leaves that curl slightly by August. I love the Japanese Maple so much I have given them as gifts as a gesture of life upon a death. Thought you would like to know…

  2. Hi Allison: this is Celia from the spirituality writing group. Nice blog you have here. I would love to read more.

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